Experience our history

Introducing Café Mélange  

I have been working in the restaurant business for over 25 years with experience as a fully qualified chef and general manager.  

Although I had worked as an executive chef for a well-established businesses throughout my career; I have always dreamt about owning my own café.  

The beginning of my career in food started where I working for a restaurant in Coven Garden called Mélange.  This was not just the beginning of my love for food, but the start of my family, home and away.  This was the very start of my dreams.  I was taught by the best, and progressed through my chef and management qualifications including my HCMA (Hotel Catering and Management Certificate).   I went on to work for the Pelican Group, the Whitbread Group and then Tragus Group and Casual dining group; travelling the world in between and picking up inspiration from the places I travelled.  Developing myself to continue working for the fine dining cuisines was just the stepping stones that encouraged me to get to where I eventually wanted to be. 

Being made redundant during the covid crisis didn't stop me from following my dreams.  In fact, it made me stronger, more persistent, and determined to reach my goals.  This is where I decided to live my dreams and start my own little family of diners.

Now I feel, after all these years, that I have finally achieved something. From Mélange in the early 90s; I bring you Café Mélange for the 21st century café dining experience.